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be in the moment

an andrew garfield community

Be In The Moment: An Andrew Garfield Community
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a community dedicated to the awesomeness of andrew garfield
be in the moment.
an andrew garfield community

Welcome to beinthemoment  - a livejournal community dedicated to the greatness that is the actor Andrew Garfield from films such as Boy A, Red Riding: 1974, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and more.  This community celebrates anything and everything to do with Andrew Garfield. Before posting or joining the community we highly suggest you view the rules of the comm below. If you have any questions, you can contact the community mods,  falsebeginnings  and iheartkleenex , at beinthemoment@hotmail.com

things to know

• Make sure you tag your posts with one or more of the existing tags.
• Bashing of Andrew will not be tolerated.
• Icon posts are welcome but no more than 3 teasers should be posted before the cut.
• Be respectful of the other members.
• If your post is long, make sure to use an lj-cut.
• If you break these rules often, you will be banned from the comm.
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